Resource Round-up: TumbleBooks

WHAT: TumbleBooks K-6 is a children’s e-book database. There are titles available at all levels. There are books that are read to you and books you read yourself. Access to TumbleBooks must happen through the library’s website. It is half way down our Research page.

WHY: This generous resource can easily become your place to find books during our closure!

WHO: TumblesBooks K-6 is meant for K-6 students (preschoolers would benefit as well), but there is more! TumbleMath is also for K-6 students, TeenBookCloud provides e-books for grades 7-12, RomanceBookCloud is e-books for adults and AudioBookCloud is an all-ages audio book database. All these resources can be accessed through their respective hyperlinks under the TumbleBooks heading on our Research page.

FREE: TumbleBooks has graciously allowed free, temporary access during this time of unease. Users can read as many books as they want, when they want, on any device. There are no check-outs, holds, or bulky downloads. Books are available instantly and will be accessible through August.

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