Activity Time: More Animals!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough of Fiona the Hippo!

Just in case you aren’t a Fiona fan yet: The hippo was born premature at the Cincinnati Zoo in 2017. She wasn’t able to stand, which meant that she wasn’t able to feed from her mother. The zookeepers were watching from the beginning and soon stepped into help. You can watch her full story on the Cincinnati Zoo YouTube channel. Soon, through pictures and videos, the little hippo went viral.

Right now the Cincinnati Zoo is closed, but each week day at 2:00 CT they are having Home Safaris on Facebook Live and later posting them to YouTube. The very first Home Safari featured Fiona (who is now three) and her mom Bibi. Check it out:

Make sure to pay close attention, you’ll hear lots of fun facts and trivia! You can even complete this quiz to be entered to win four tickets to the Cincinnati Zoo to visit once they have reopened! I know Fiona is the best, but don’t miss the opportunity to go on a safari from home each day and meet other animals!

From your fellow Fiona fan,


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