Resource Round-up: rbdigital

WHAT: Just this year the Waunakee Public Library started offering access to rbdigital! This resource provides access to current and back issues of your favorite magazines. There are many titles for kids including some of our favorites like Highlights and National Geographic Kids!

WHY: Magazines can provide short, high interest articles for young readers that may not be interested in the fiction titles that are more widely available digitally.

WHO: All ages can find content on rbdigital. To find magazines specifically for children: click on the explore button, then filter and select genre on the drop down menu. From there you can select children or teen to browse magazines for those age groups.

FREE: This resource is always free to anyone with a Waunakee Public Library card (or a neighboring library card, but you must have your home library set to Waunakee). To access: visit our Resources page and click on rbdigital. From here you can explore and look at titles. If you’d like to check our a magazine, click on register in the upper right-hand corner and create a free account. Once your account is created you can download the app for direct access to all your favorite magazines. Login with your new account and you are all set to start reading!

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