Mindfulness Moment with Molly

This week we are going to build on the breathing from last week.

Find a comfortable spot to gather. Sitting back to back might be fun or each cross-legged on a pillow.

If you have a sound machine or any device that you can ask to play soothing sounds, go for it. If not, open up a window to let in the greatness of nature.

Begin with your deep breaths. The counting we practiced last week is beneficial in getting a good, deep breath-holding it-and then letting it all go, but there is no need to be exact.

Remember that meditation is a practice and not about reaching a perfected finish.

While you breathe you may find it helpful to think or say a word or phrase. Perhaps ‘strength’ on the inhale and ‘fear’ on the exhale. With these words, think about bringing strength in to your body and letting fear go. Having a word, even ‘inhale’ and ‘exhale’, helps to quiet the mind.

Choose any length of time that works for you to remain in this practice.

Don’t be discouraged if your little ones get distracted. Following a set time each day for meditation practice or even a quiet moment to breath and being a good example will go a long way in providing them the skills they need to calm themselves.

At the end of your session you can share something you’re grateful for.

For years, I personally have been using the meditation app called Oak. It is free and easy to download. You have many options including length of meditation, background sound, voice etc.

I ‘meet’ many of my loved ones for a 10 minute meditation at 8:30 each morning. We often use the meditations: elevate sound and male voice. I’d love to have you join me. ❤️


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