Mindfulness Moment with Molly

As I write this the sun is streaming in through my living room window. It’s time to take our mindfulness outside! Not far, mind you, and it’s still a bit chilly so bundle up.

You can head out your front or back door, whichever offers you more beautiful sunshine.

Pause and feel the brightness on your face. Have your children close their eyes and tilt their heads up towards the warmth and energy of the rays. Reach your hands up wide and put a smile on your face. Rejoice in this moment together.

Now it’s time to explore. Again, don’t go far. Simply be aware of what is around you.

Do you see the beginning sprouts of a flower? Bend down, look up close and consider what might be growing. What color will it be? How will it smell?

Do you hear birds singing? What do you think they are saying? Talk back to them and watch as they fly, skitter or perch upon a branch.

Once you’ve explored with your eyes sit for a moment with them closed. You can practice a few deep breaths as you listen to the sounds around you.

There is no end to the life you can find living right out your very own door!

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