Resource Round-up: Libby App and The Sorcerer’s Stone

WHAT: You have probably heard librarians talk about Libby or Overdrive or Wisconsin’s Digital Library. All these things are really just different ways to access the same collection of digital books and audiobooks that are free to access with your library card! We recommend downloading the Libby app for access on your digital device. It is the easiest way to search and read or listen to this digital collection. If you need help navigating the Libby app or need a library card, you can find our contact information here.

WHY: While we are closed this is a great way to grab something new to read or an old favorite. If you scroll down on the Library section in the app, you can see “What’s New”, “What’s Available”, and “What’s Popular.”

As a bonus, for the month of April, the first Harry Potter book has no waiting list! You will be able to access the first book in multiple languages and the audiobook read by the great Jim Dale. If you haven’t listened to Jim Dale’s recording of Harry Potter, give it a try. He is one of my personal favorites!

WHO: There are books and audiobooks for all ages including picture books and non-fiction books.

FREE: Libby is a free app and you can access for free with your Waunakee library card! New titles and additional copies are being added especially during this time of social distancing.


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