Parent-to-Parent: Self Care

I know, I know: “self care” is a relatively new term tossed around frequently and I often find myself in mid eye roll when I hear it mentioned. But it really is important as it effects our mental and emotional health and at the end of the day does make us better caregivers.

The three things I have challenged myself to do each day are:

  • Get Outside. Sometimes it’s just to run around with my boys in the yard, but often it’s on a walk with my puppy.
  • Yoga. I discovered a 30 day challenge on YouTube offered by Yoga with Adriene. She has a fun sense of humor and a cute dog and it starts off my day right.
  • Read. Of course! Download the Libby app for so many great choices. Titles that I have recently enjoyed are “Me Before You” by Jojo Moyes and “Small Great Things” by Jodi Picoult.

There are so many wonderful suggestions to explore, but here are a few more favorites from other youth services librarians:

  • Down Dog App: There is so much more to explore than just yoga and it’s currently free until May 1.
  • YMCA 360: Free on-demand exercise classes.
  • Oak: An app for guided meditations and breathing exercises.

Please put yourself first at least once per day. What other suggestions can you share?

Stay happy & healthy,


Tallulah Rae: My four month old walking buddy.

One thought on “Parent-to-Parent: Self Care

  1. Hey Ms. Brittany! Thanks for your suggestions! I too have enjoyed yoga to slow my brain down since life has become a bit more uncertain recently. My go to yoga site is You can pay to access all classes but many are free! My husband and I communicate about and prioritize workouts. We both feel grounded when we are able to get regular activity. If I haven’t worked out, he will scoop up the kids and take them for a walk so I can lift weights at home and this week I have been jogging with my son on his bike. He serves as a great personal trainer as he always tells me we can do one more lap and ends up about half a lap ahead of me.


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