Parent-to-Parent: Apps

The concern and debate regarding kids and screen time continues to rise and rise. Like it or not, it is now our reality that using screens is the main connection we have to each other. I feel slightly less guilty when I let my kids use their tablets to access apps that I’ve deemed “learning apps.” Sometimes you just need a quiet minute to work. Or read. Or frantically shove a cookie in your mouth. 🙂

Here are some of my favorite apps for kids both from my house and from the library:

  • undefined Little Builders for Kids (ages 3+, $3.99). Drive the street sweeper, load the crane and paint a house! A library favorite.
  • undefined Tiggly Chef Addition (ages 4+, free). Learn addition and represent addition problems with drawings while helping Chef prepare his signature Spicy Hula Monkey Cake. My four year old loves this and there are a bunch more Tiggly apps!
  • undefined Toca Hair Salon 3 (ages 4+, $3.99). Choose your character and get styling! A library favorite (as are all of the Toca apps, especially Toca Band!).
  • undefined The Human Body Lite (ages 4+, free). Explore the brain, watch a heart beat and lungs breathe. The full version is also available for $3.99. A library favorite.
  • undefined Build and Play (ages 4+, $2.99). Build bikes and trains, ships, subs or jet ski! Once built they will take you in the air, on the ground, or into the sea. A library favorite.
  • undefined LetterSchool (ages 4+, free). The #1 alphabet tracing and words spelling app for toddlers & pre-schoolers.
  • undefined The Monster at the End of the Book (ages 4+, $4.99). This is an animated storybook app, which humorously helps teach about emotions and early reading skills. A library favorite.
  • Storyline Online (ages 4+, free). Who doesn’t want to hear Betty White read “Harry the Dirty Dog”? My kids have watched “Snappsy the Alligator” daily and there’s so many other fun options!
  • Lightbot: Code Hour (ages 4+, free). Get kids hooked on coding within minutes!
  • GoNoodle – Kids Videos (ages 4+, free). Make screen time active with 300+ dance videos, yoga exercises, and mindfulness activities for kids! We love “Pop See Ko” and “Banana, Banana, Meatball” here!

All prices and age recommendations were taken from the App Store, but the apps are also available elsewhere.

Do you have other suggestions? Let us know in the comments!

Have fun!


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