Parent-to-Parent: Raising a Reader

The question I am most often asked by parents is: what can they do to help their kids be better readers. Or how should they help their kids love books. I also often hear how lucky my own kids must be to have a librarian as a mom and speculations that they must have been reading on their own at an early age.

Confession time: my four-year-old loves books, but can’t read. My six-year-old loves books and learned to read at school with teachers. I don’t know how to teach kids how to read. As a librarian in a public library my job is to provide access and ensure kids love books, but not to teach reading. And I get no extra points from my kids because I’m a librarian – they don’t even watch my live storytimes!

I think parents are taken aback at how simple my advice is to them. I found this image months ago and held onto it because I love it so much.

There is no secret to raising a reader. There’s no one book or series or DVD or app that’s going to be a magical solution. I truly believe it’s as simple as providing the access and the choice. Number four feels a bit like a dagger to the heart, but we’re working on it!

Whatever reading journey your kids are currently on, I know you’re all trying your best with whatever materials you have. Need help with anything? Let me know!

Happy Reading!


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