Mindfulness Moment with Molly

Today’s mindfulness moment is going to center in the heart of the home, the kitchen.

Enjoying dinner together as a family is so important and well worth the planning to make it happen.

Here are some ideas to make it even more special;

  • Have the kids create menus by cutting pictures out of magazines and gluing them on construction paper.
  • Create place cards for each family member.
  • Play some fun music while cooking and/or dining.
  • Set the table with cloth napkins, candles, flowers, or whatever inspires you.
  • Use the special dishes, glassware, and silverware.
  • Turn off the TV and cell phones.
  • This is a great time to share highs and lows of the day, things you are grateful for, and acts of kindness you’ve observed.

Take time to savor the food you are eating. Comment on the flavors, aromas and textures.

Consider splitting your family up into groups and take turns planning, preparing, and serving meals. When it’s your team’s night to cook the other team is in charge of clean up. Kids who help plan and prepare their food are much more likely to eat it.

Always take the time to be grateful for the food you have to eat along with the family you have to share it with and don’t forget to compliment the chef!

Bon appetite!


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