Parent-to-Parent: My New Coworkers

Have you seen the influx of all the new tweets and posts and memes from parents hilariously recounting the antics of their new “coworkers” as they switch to working at home? I couldn’t let this opportunity pass me by, so I’ve started sharing with my real coworkers at the library updates from my house. Here are my favorites:

  • I had to tell my coworker to not give the dog water directly from his mouth.
  • My coworkers are refusing to wear underwear.
  • Yesterday my coworker got mad and purposely peed into his laundry basket and all over his bed.
  • Last night my coworker asked me if I wanted to sniff his butt.
  • One of my coworkers hid my other coworkers underwear for April Fools Day.
  • My coworker told me I’m as cute as a puppy!

Shout out to my REAL coworkers at the library: you are all infinitely better than my new coworkers and I miss you tremendously!

Have your coworkers drastically changed as well? Share with us the best and the worst moments!

Stay sane!


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