Parent-to-Parent: I Love Your Kids

All of my parent-to-parent posts so far have been about me and my family and my kids. I wanted to share that parenting is hard no matter who you are. I realize I am omitting one very important fact: I love your kids too.

Being a children’s librarian makes me feel like a rock star on a regular basis. Parents often share with me that their kids go home after storytime and pretend to be me. One parent even shared that her daughter insisted on changing her clothes so she was wearing a dress, leggings, and tall boots just like me. I have a folder in my office filled with drawings, cards, and letters I’ve received from kids. There is never a shortage of hugs, high fives, and I love yous. My ego never suffers, to say the least.

I’ve learned so much about your kids. They are amazing readers and really love their books. Many of them don’t yet understand the concept of personal space and indoor voices. Asking them if they have any questions most likely will result in a story. They are also brutally honest. I’ve had kids ask me if I have a baby in my tummy (I don’t), tell me I look older, and invite me to their house to play.

I miss these kids so much. Thank you for sharing them with me and letting me be a part of their lives.


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