Resource Round-up: Dav Pilkey at Home

WHAT: Check this page every Friday for more new videos from Dav Pilkey. You can also find additional fun and free content including more “how to draw” and read-aloud videos and downloadable activities. WHY: Why?! Because it’s the author of Dog Man and Captain Underpants! Listen to Dav read, learn how to draw Petey, createContinue reading “Resource Round-up: Dav Pilkey at Home”

Mindfulness Moment with Molly

Hello Everybody, I hope you are finding your breathing and meditation practices comforting. Today we are going to create picture memories. Snuggle up and look through some picture albums together. Each person pick a photo and write down everything you remember about the occasion. How you felt, what you were thinking, what you were smelling,Continue reading “Mindfulness Moment with Molly”

Activity Time: Hoo’s Woods Raptor Center

Hoo’s Woods Raptor Center is a Wisconsin organization dedicated to the rehabilitation of birds of prey and provides public education on raptors and wildlife issues. They are currently booked as one of our Terrific Tuesday programs for summer! Check out this short tour of their center: Hoo’s Woods is committed to providing educational experiences whileContinue reading “Activity Time: Hoo’s Woods Raptor Center”

Resource Round-up: Libby App and The Sorcerer’s Stone

WHAT: You have probably heard librarians talk about Libby or Overdrive or Wisconsin’s Digital Library. All these things are really just different ways to access the same collection of digital books and audiobooks that are free to access with your library card! We recommend downloading the Libby app for access on your digital device. ItContinue reading “Resource Round-up: Libby App and The Sorcerer’s Stone”

Activity Time: Moon Dough

Playing with dough is fun!  It’s so squishy, the imaginative creations are limitless and it is also calming. Playing with dough can have a relaxing, stress reducing effect on the body. Let’s make some moon dough today! Head into the kitchen and mix this recipe up with the kids.  It only has 2 ingredients andContinue reading “Activity Time: Moon Dough”