Resource Round-up: Online Library Card

WHAT: If you don’t already have a library card for the South Central Library System (this includes Madison, Middleton, Sun Prairie, etc.), sign up here and we’ll send your card number to you within 24 hours! WHY: This card will allow anyone to enjoy all of our online resources like Libby, RBDigital, Mango Languages, TumbleBook,Continue reading “Resource Round-up: Online Library Card”

Resource Round-up: rbdigital

WHAT: Just this year the Waunakee Public Library started offering access to rbdigital! This resource provides access to current and back issues of your favorite magazines. There are many titles for kids including some of our favorites like Highlights and National Geographic Kids! WHY: Magazines can provide short, high interest articles for young readers thatContinue reading “Resource Round-up: rbdigital”

Activity Time: More Animals!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough of Fiona the Hippo! Just in case you aren’t a Fiona fan yet: The hippo was born premature at the Cincinnati Zoo in 2017. She wasn’t able to stand, which meant that she wasn’t able to feed from her mother. The zookeepers were watching fromContinue reading “Activity Time: More Animals!”

Resource Round-up: TumbleBooks

WHAT: TumbleBooks K-6 is a children’s e-book database. There are titles available at all levels. There are books that are read to you and books you read yourself. Access to TumbleBooks must happen through the library’s website. It is half way down our Research page. WHY: This generous resource can easily become your place toContinue reading “Resource Round-up: TumbleBooks”

Mindfulness Moment with Molly

Let’s take a moment to breathe. Sounds simple, right? But when our thoughts are working overtime it can be really easy to forget this simple thing. We might hold our breath unintentionally or carry extra tension in our backs and shoulders. Today, right now, pause and gather your little ones. Sit in a comfortable position,Continue reading “Mindfulness Moment with Molly”

Resource Round-up:

WHAT: is a nonprofit website dedicated to expanding access to computer science. There are several different kinds of coding activities. Hour of Code tutorials are quick projects, many of which involve popular characters. There is step-by-step paths that go more in depth and guides learners through coding basics and fun projects. You can learnContinue reading “Resource Round-up:”