Teens and Preteens

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Teens and preteens (grades 5-12), earn prizes and have some fun while the library is closed and we are all practicing social distancing!

Scroll down for this week’s theme and rules to the game.

This Week’s Theme:

This Week’s Tasks:

  1. Show us the view from your door (1 Point)
  2. Practice your high fives – no actual high fives allowed (2 Points)
  3. Go bowling at your house – you decide on the pins and bowling ball (3 Points)
  4. Invent a new spectator sport (3 Points)
  5. Sing out your window – bonus points if a neighbor joins you (3 Points)

Rules and Guidelines

What is a photo scavenger hunt? – Each week there will be 5 tasks posted here around a theme. Complete tasks on the list and document each task with a photo or short video. Photos must be submitted through the button above. You can do as many or as few of the tasks as you’d like. Each task is worth a certain number of points. (Bonus points may be awarded for creativity and panache.) The person with the most points at the end of each week will win a $10 gift card. If there is a tie, a winner from the tie will be selected randomly.

When is it? – Each week’s scavenger hunt starts as soon as the tasks are posted Monday morning. The deadline for photo/video submission is the following Sunday at midnight.

Who can participate? – Any teen or preteen who is in grade 5-12 may participate. Only teens and preteens may submit and win a prize.

How do I win? – All pictures/videos must be uploaded through the official Google Form. Please also think about sharing your photos on social media, with your parent’s permission. Tag Waunakee Public Library and use the hashtag #WPLTeensAtHome. By sharing your pictures we can all play together and people can scope out their competition!

Any Special Rules? – Yes!

  • All tasks must be completed with items that are already in your house. No shopping. Keep social distancing!
  • Do not take a photo or video of two tasks together. They must be in separate pictures.
  • Keep the pictures library appropriate. Any innapporpriate pictures and videos will lead to disqualification.
  • Be kind! This scavenger hunt was created to be a fun activity, please don’t spoil the game with bad sportsmanship or a mean spirit.

Still Have Questions? Comment Below!

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